JUNE 23, 2022 AHCA Provider Alert posted information on Behavior Analysis Fee Schedule and Billing Codes. Click here for a PDF copy. 

eQHealth (Kepro) also posted its guide for converting HCPCS to CPT billing codes in treatment plans. Click here for a PDF copy.

JUNE 29, 2022 Anticipated opening of eQHealth (Kepro) updated website resource for conversion of codes in treatment plans.

AUGUST 1, 2022 Anticipated start date of AHCA Behavior Analysis Fee Schedule and Codes. 

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* * * * UPDATE * * * *

ALERT – We Have to Keep Working....

FABA continues to be in frequent contact with AHCA to address their proposed changes to the fee schedule and billing codes, plus the behavior analysis services policy, that will impact ABA service recipients and their families, plus providers across Florida. Previous meetings have produced some changes, but FABA is hopeful that more changes will come as a result of our combined efforts.

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Let's Celebrate...

Registered Behavior Technicians are now included as “Private Instructional Personnel” allowed to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services for students in Florida’s Public Schools. Thank you to everyone who advocated, spoke, called, emailed and supported the efforts for the past three years! We are grateful to our House Sponsor, Rep. Placensia, and Senate Sponsor, Sen. Hooper, who were able to influence unanimous support from their colleagues to vote in favor of the bill and to the Governor who signed this bill into law effective July 1, 2022. It was truly a statewide effort and an achievement we can all celebrate!

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