Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD):

Alert! Survey for APD Providers involved with Local Review Committees (LRC). Please click here to complete this survey so we can provide important feedback to APD leaders.

FABA continues tracking developments with Local Review Committees, APD's iConnect system, and other critical issues for consumers and providers of ABA services. FABA has been meeting with APD leaders and will continue pressing for improvements. Email the Public Policy Committee with your questions and concerns.


AHCA Medicaid and eQHealth/Accentra:

FABA continues closely monitoring developments regarding AHCA's implementation of current rules and future policy changes involving behavior analysis services, fee schedules, CPT billing codes, and related issues. These issues significantly impact the availability of ABA services for recipients and their families, plus service providers across Florida. FABA has been meeting with AHCA leaders and will continue pressing for improvements.

If you are facing recurring issues with service pends and denials, FABA is on your side. But, we need your help to make a difference! Share your experiences... your stories are powerful! Contact AHCA/Medicaid to report denials and policy violation concerns. Click here to email AHCA or visit the Florida Medicaid Complaints website. AHCA wants to hear from you and every voice counts! Also, please forward or CC us on your communications to AHCA at [email protected]. By sharing with us, you enable us to collect data, monitor and advocate more effectively on your behalf. Please be sure to cross out or remove any PHI or HIPAA protected information from the any of the emails.

Email the Public Policy Committee with your questions and concerns.


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Please email your questions, comments, or concerns to the Public Policy Committee at [email protected]

FABA Public Policy Committee:

Eric Prutsman, JD – Lobbyist & Legal Counsel

Kevin Murdock, PhD – Director

Matt Potak – Co-Chair

Mary Riordan, PhD – Co-Chair

Nicki Postma Gates - Co-Chair

Michelle Castaños, MEd

Colleen Taylor

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