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Let Senate President Bill Galvano know that SB 1206 – Applied Behavior Analysis is critical to making sure children with special needs receive medically necessary services. One more time! We are asking each of you to contact Senate President Bill Galvano to make sure that Senate Bill 1206 – Applied Behavior Analysis is either withdrawn from the Senate Appropriations Committee or heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee. As of today, SB 1206 is still stuck in Senate Appropriations and cannot advance. If the bill is withdrawn or heard in Senate Appropriations the bill can move to the Senate Calendar and be matched up with its companion bill, HB 575, that has already passed the House and is awaiting action by the Senate. Please feel free to customize the draft e-mail so that it applies to your unique personal situation.

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Update - March 6, 2020
We are continuing our advocacy to move SB 1206 to the Senate Floor but wanted you to know that HB 731, the AHCA bill that contains a health clinic licensure exemption for all Medicaid providers, moved forward again today and will be ready for a vote on the House Floor early next week.