Nominations are now open!

This year three Executive Committee positions need to be filled via the election process:  President-Elect, and two Members-at-Large.  Brief descriptions of the offices and the respective duties appear on the nomination form for your consideration.

As a FABA member, you are eligible to nominate up to two (2) people for the President position, up to two (2) people for the Secretary position and up to four (4) individuals for the Member-at-Large office. You may self-nominate. Members with the most nominations in each category will form the slate of election candidates.

Only current Professional and Sustaining members may make nominations, be nominated or be elected to serve on the FABA Board.  

Before nominating any individual, please consider that person's ability to devote the time needed to fulfill the duties on the Executive Committee.

Please click the link below and enter the names of those you would like to nominate. Check the names. Then, submit your nomination ballot. After submission, you cannot revise your ballot or submit additional ballots. Your submission is tied to your unique FABA member ID and email address so that nobody else can make a submission in your name. The website and nomination process is protected with security methods to assure the confidentiality of your submission.

Your nomination must be submitted by midnight, August 8th, 2020.

Nomination Ballot for 2020 FABA Election


Register for FABA 2020 now! Join us online!!

The FABA Team has been working to adjust to the ever changing situation that is unfolding in our state. Although we had hoped to host a smaller version of our annual face-to-face conference, FABA 2020 will instead be a virtual event. The FABA Board feels this is best for the safety of our members, presenters, and student researchers that attend our annual event.  

ONLINE Conference Registration

This year we will feature Dr. Patrick Friman, Matthew Normand, Sung Woo Kahng, Shahla Alai, Karen Toussaint, Jennifer Austin, Brian Greer and Jeanne Donaldson as Invited Speakers.  Tyra Sellers & Ellie Kazemiwill speak on Supervision and Jon Bailey & Noor Syed will speak on Ethics. In addition, to this great lineup, we will have panel discussions, two social events and a special event at the end on '50 years of Behavior Analysis'.

The ONLINE event will be held Thursday, September 17th and Friday, September 18th from 8am-5pm each day.  BA-CEUs are included in the Professional Member registration fee (ending your attendance verification).


ONLINE Conference Registration


Recently, there have been many demonstrations occurring across the U.S. to bring attention to the tragic killings of Black lives. We are deeply saddened and angry by these events and our board believes that we must not stay silent during times of injustice. Therefore, we want to be clear that FABA condemns acts of racism, hate, injustice, and brutality faced by the Black community. Today, we stand with our Black members, clients, and community in the fight against systemic racism and racial violence. We hear you and value your voice and lives.

We think it is important to acknowledge that behavior analysis has not given these issues enough attention and that we have a lot of work to do. Behavior analysts have tools to contribute to the conversation and efforts to create a more equitable and just world.

We will be self- assessing and evaluating how FABA can contribute to issues related to diversity and social justice issues at our upcoming conference. Additionally, we encourage submissions on diversity and social justice to be submitted so that we have these conversations and highlight what researchers in our field can do to promote justice.

For now, we would like to share this recent publication:

FABA continues to monitor the rapidly changing situation related to the spread of COVID-19.
We understand that concerns for health, safety, and the impact on meeting attendance, among other issues, are affecting our members.