Thank you for joining us for FABA 2022!

While the conference is over, there is much work still to be done.  If you are interested in finding additional ways to connect with FABA or your local chapter, please contact us at [email protected]  If you are looking to donate to the Public Policy Committee, you can do so here.

We welcome your feedback from the conference and look forward to working with you to continue advocating for ethical, responsible ABA practice across the state of Florida.

 FABA Update Regarding South Florida Moratorium and Upcoming CPT Codes

ALERT – We Have to Keep Working....

FABA continues to be in frequent contact with AHCA to address their proposed changes to the fee schedule and behavior analysis services policy that significantly impact ABA service recipients and their families, plus providers across Florida. These meetings and advocacy efforts have already produced some changes, but we are hopeful more changes will come as a result of our combined efforts.

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FABA welcomes feedback year round but just after the annual conference, a specific feedback link will be posted below where attendees can offer suggestions, advice, and commentary on the 2022 conference.

In the meantime, please email [email protected] should you need to reach someone!

Please note: We, as an association, support, encourage, and advocate for a diverse, equitable, and transparent environment. We strive to offer an environment where presenters can connect, share important ideas, challenges, and accomplishments relevant to our science and work in Florida. Each year we provide contact information for presenters directly in our program to facilitate communication between attendees and presenters should there be a need for follow-up conversations. FABA encourages anyone who left a presentation feeling encouraged, inspired, or concerned, to consider contacting presenters individually to share direct feedback.