FABA counts on volunteers for the substantial work that they do at the annual conference. This work is crucial in making the conference run smoothly.  Given that, please understand that volunteers are NOT attending the conference as regular participants.

Each volunteer must provide 3 shifts of service during the conference to receive free conference registration.

To receive a voucher for free CEUS, each volunteer must provide 4 shifts of service during the conference.  Aside from scheduled hours, volunteers are welcome to attend sessions.

FABA expects that selected volunteers will commit to completing all scheduled shifts and duties asked of them. If a volunteer does not complete any of the assigned shifts, they will be billed the conference registration fee.

Volunteer duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Helping with conference registration and/or packet pickup
  • Assisting exhibitors
  • Monitor conference sessions
  • Monitor pre and post conference workshops
  • Performing other duties as assigned (e.g., setup, cleanup, runner)
  • Volunteers must register in advance.  All volunteer positions not filled by FABA members 2 weeks prior to the conference will be filled with local student volunteers.

Volunteers will be assigned to monitor a room for a block of time. Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon.

Volunteers will not be able to move from room to room during the 10-minute break between sessions.

Volunteers will only be required to work 3 shifts (i.e., Thursday morning, Friday afternoon)

Workshop volunteers will be assigned in advance. Individuals who preregistered as a volunteer will be given the opportunity to select if they would like to monitor a workshop, and if so, which one.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected].

THANK YOU for volunteering!  We could not do this without you!!