The 40-year old Florida Association for Behavior Analysis is the largest statewide organization in the country that is committed to the promotion and support of Behavior Analysis.


The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis was founded in 1980 to promote the ethical, humane, and effective application of behavior principles in all segments of society, including education, business, rehabilitation facilities and government.

Continuing Education

Behavior analysis is a rapidly changing field so it is imperative that we keep up with this exciting and rewarding profession. FABA meets this objective through its well respected, Annual Three-day Conference and Workshop (held in September) and special topic Winter Meetings. FABA is recognized as a leader in bringing state-of-the-art speakers to our annual meeting to share their latest research and discuss their treatment strategies. Our workshops, seminars, symposia, paper sessions and invited addresses bring our members face-to-face with experts in behavior analysis, in an informal environment conducive to idea exchange. Past invited speakers have included B.F. Skinner, Fred Keller, Sid Bijou, Julie Vargas, Jack Michael, Aubrey Daniels, Gordon Paul, Brian Iwata, Judy Favell, Ivar Lovaas, Richard Foxx, Scott Geller, Nate Azrin, Don Baer, Glenn Latham and many other prominent behavior analysts.

Promoting the Profession

A second major purpose of FABA is to promote the profession of Behavior Analysis. Members can become Board Certified Behavior Analysts through the ( Board Certified FABA members conduct BCBA prep and training programs and newly certified BCBAs are especially invited to join FABA to continue their education. FABA has retained a respected law firm in Tallahassee to represent the interests of behavior analysts in the legislature. We continue to monitor the legislative process to protect the rights of behavior analysts to practice their profession. We also sell a complete line of “Behavior Counts” products to give the profession visibility in the community. Please visit the FABA Store at our annual conference to see our new stock of unique logo behavior analysis products.

This website is specifically for the public to provide them an easy to read digest of information on Applied Behavior Analysis. Here you can find downloadable brochures on autism and education and press releases on the upcoming conferences.


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