FABA Awards and Scholarships

All nominations must be received by August 1st to be considered for the upcoming annual conference.

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Below is a description of each award:


The Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Research Award
Initiated in 2018 by William Heward, this award is meant to support research using behavior analysis concepts and principles to promote sustainable practice and environmentally friendly behavior change. For more information, please follow this link.


The Glenn Latham Scholarship Award
In honor of Glenn Latham is intended to recognize parents, foster parents or direct care staff who have exemplified quality behavioral treatment. It consists of a plaque, complimentary registration to FABA, one-night’s hotel and three meals.


The Cathy Lee Buchanan Behavior Change Success Award
will recognize a committed, caring behavior analyst who uses behavior analysis procedures to improve the lives of others. A peer, supervisor, local review committee or local chapters of FABA are encouraged to nominate BCABAs or BCBAs (or CBA’s and CABA’s) who work directly with clients in Florida. The award consists of a plaque with the person’s name engraved.


The Charles Kimber Public Service Award
for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis in the Community is to recognize those who are having an impact in a whole community through their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of others through the use of behavioral procedures. The award is intended for those establishing programs in a community, consulting or supervising in a number of facilities in a community or otherwise providing behavioral expertise to expand behavioral services in a community. The awardee is not necessarily a behavior analyst but could be another professional who supports behavioral activities and programs. The award consists of a plaque with the person’s name engraved.


The Michael Hemingway and Gerald Shook Public Service Award
for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis in Florida is intended to recognize behavior analysts or other public officials who are having a significant impact in the state of Florida by their support of behavioral approaches to treatment. The awardee does not necessarily have to be a behavior analyst but rather has to have demonstrated an understanding of what behavior analysts do, and have shown a commitment to the use of high quality behavioral procedures on a large scale. The award consists of a plaque with the person’s name engraved.
The David Niederpruem Memorial Fund
was established to honor the impact he made on the lives of his students and the teachers he mentored. This fund provides a plaque and scholarships in the form of conference registration to those individuals engaged in the education of students with disabilities in the schools.


The B. F. Skinner Foundation Florida Graduate Student Research Award
of $500 is to assist in funding graduate student-driven research. Applicants must be a FABA member attending a graduate-level program in Florida. The proposal must be for a student-driven research project, thesis or dissertation approved by their department of study. Applicants do not have to be in a behavior analysis graduate program, but the research must be behavior analytic in nature. Consideration will be given to proposals that describe research with a focus on observable and measurable behavior (or the products thereof) as the dependent variable and the manipulation of well-defined environmental events as independent variables.  Both applied and basic research proposals are encouraged.


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