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FABA Code of Ethics

The Executive Committee of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis has adopted the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts as our FABA Code of Ethics.

Click here to find a current copy of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.



Adopted September 1982
Revised September 1987, September 1990, September 1993, October 2009

Article I—Name

The name of this organization shall be The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis. It shall be chartered and exist as a non-profit corporation in and under the laws of the State of Florida.

Article II—Purpose

The Florida Association of Behavior Analysis (FABA) was founded in 1980 to promote the ethical, humane and effective application of behavior principles in settings ranging from the community group home to the corporate boardroom. Association goals include providing members with the highest quality continuing education and promoting legislation supporting behavior analysis.

Article III—Membership

Membership: Membership is open to all persons interested in or actively engaged in teaching, research, and/or application of the principles and procedures of behavior analysis. Membership is not restricted to residents of the State of Florida.

  1. Categories of Membership: Membership shall be in one of four categories:
    1. Professional Member: Any degree holding person employed full or part time who directly provides behavioral services, supervises the delivery of services or is part of a team of professionals who provide behavioral training is considered a professional member, For dues purposes, this category is further divided into those holding the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, or no college degree.
    2. Student Member: This category is for any individual pursuing formal training in the discipline of behavior analysis but not yet gainfully employed therein on at least a half-time basis.
    3. Parent Direct Care: This category is for parents of children who are recipients of behavioral services. This category also includes direct care staff ñ individuals that spend the majority of their working time implementing behavioral programs. Members in this category are nonvoting and may not run for elective office.
    4. Sustaining: Members who are able to provide substantial financial support to FABA beyond the required level. Their support is greatly appreciated.
  2. Good Standing.
    To remain a member in good standing, an individual must pay association dues at or before the annual conference.
  3. Voting
    Each Professional and Sustaining member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters brought before the Association. There shall be no proxy voting.
  4. Termination of Membership: The Executive Committee may, by two-thirds vote to suspend or expel any member of this association for violation of these by-laws or gross ethical violations. Before such action is taken by the Executive Committee, written notice shall be sent to the member not less than 30 days prior to the meeting of the Executive Committee at which the matter is to be considered. Said member shall be entitled to a hearing before the Executive Committee.
  5. Application for Membership
    Persons desiring to apply for membership in the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis shall submit a completed application form and dues according to the procedures outlined at

Article IV—Officers

  1. Officers
    The officers of the Association shall be the President, the President-Elect, the Past President, and Secretary-Treasurer.
  2. Terms of Office
    1. President: The term of office of the President shall be one year to commence at the conclusion of the annual meeting presided over by the current President who shall then assume the office of Past-President. The President and Past-President shall not be eligible for nomination for the office of President-Elect.
    2. Secretary Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for three-year term and shall not be restricted as to succession.
  3. Duties.
    The duties of the Officers shall be as specified in the By-Laws.
  4. Replacement
    In the event of death, incapacity, or resignation of any of these officers, the Executive Committee shall, by majority vote, elect a successor to serve until the next election cycle is completed.

Article V—Executive Committee

    1. Composition
      There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the President, President-Elect, the Past President, the Executive Director, the Secretary-Treasurer, and the five elected Members-at-Large. None of the officers shall serve simultaneously as Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee, however the Past-President may stand for election to the Executive Committee for a term commencing at the termination of the Past Presidency. The Executive Committee will appoint an Executive Director who will carry out duties assigned by the Executive Committee.
    2. Affiliates
      The Chairpersons of the standing committees will be invited to meetings of the Executive Committee. The committee chairpersons will be nonvoting affiliates of the executive committee unless they are simultaneously serving as an elected member. Nothing herein shall be construed to preclude a Committee Chairperson from simultaneously holding membership on the Executive Committee, either as an Officer of the Association or as a member-at-large.
    3. Meetings
      The Executive Committee shall have at least two meetings per year. One meeting will occur at the time and location of the annual conference. It shall meet at such other times and locations as may deemed necessary by the President. A meeting of the Executive Committee may also be called by action of three members of the Committee who shall notify the remaining members at least two weeks in advance of the proposed meeting.
    4. Quorum
      For purposes of transacting business of the Association, a quorum shall consist of four members of the Executive Committee.
    5. Removal and Replacement
      Members of the Executive Committee who fail to maintain membership in good standing in the Association are subject to removal by majority vote of the remaining members of the Committee. A tie vote shall be construed as affirmation for removal. Positions vacated for any reason shall be replaced by majority vote of the remaining members, such successors to serve until the next elected person takes office.

Article VI—Nominations and Elections

      1. Only Professional and Sustaining members may make nominations, be nominated or be elected to office.
      2. Members may run for only one office per year.
      3. If the Elections Chair person is nominated and elects to run for an office, s/he must immediately contact the Executive Committee to reassign the Elections Chair responsibility to another member of the Elections Committee.
      4. Executive Committee Members-at-large may not run for successive terms.
      5. Nominations
        1. At least 5 months before the annual FABA business meeting, nomination ballots will be sent to all full and sustaining members.
        2. Each voting member can nominate two individuals for each open office.
        3. The Elections Committee Chairperson will then review nominated individuals and confirm that all nominees are current Professional or Sustaining members.
        4. The Elections Committee Chairperson will then contact the two individuals with the greatest number of nominations for each open position. If those persons are willing to run, they will be placed on the elections ballot. If persons with the greatest number of nominations do not wish to run, the individual with the next most nominations will be contacted to determine if they wish to run.
      6. Elections
        1. Election ballots will be sent to each Professional and Sustaining member at least 2 months prior to the annual FABA business meeting.
        2. To be valid, election ballots must be completed, returned by the due date and in the manner described on the ballot.

Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall assume office immediately following the Presidential Address and shall hold office until their successors are elected and assume office in their stead.

Any officer of the Association or member of the Executive Committee may be recalled in accordance with following procedure:

      1. A petition for recall bearing the names of at least 20% of the Full and Professional members in good standing at the time of submission shall be presented to the Executive Committee.
      2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall certify the petition with respect to the validity of the signatures. In the event the Secretary-Treasurer is the Officer subject to recall, the Past-President shall assume this duty.
      3. Upon validation of the petition, the President or his designate shall cause a mail ballot to be prepared and distributed to the membership having voting qualifications. The ballots shall be received and tabulated by the Past-President who shall certify each to be valid.
      4. The officer whose incumbency is under challenge shall be recalled only by two-thirds vote of those members eligible to vote.
      5. An office whose incumbent is recalled shall be temporarily filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee; the replacement shall serve until the next elected person takes office.

Article VII—Meetings

      1. Annual Meeting
        There shall be at least one annual business meeting of the Association. This meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Annual Convention of the Association except in the event of no Annual Convention in which case, the meeting shall be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled meeting of such other group or Association as shall be designated by the Executive Committee. Notice of the annual meeting of the Association shall be given to a members in good standing not less than three months prior to the scheduled date.
      2. Quorum
        A quorum at the annual business meeting shall consist of not less than twenty members-in-good-standing present and voting.

Article VIII—Committees

FABA will maintain such standing committees as provided by these by-laws and as may be established by the majority vote of the Executive Committee. Current standing committees include:

        1. Program Committee – The primary duties of the Program Committee are to develop, organize and manage the program of the annual conference. The Chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Chair will appoint other members in good standing as deemed appropriate.
        2. Newsletter and Publications – This committee will publish and distribute a periodic newsletter to all members. The Chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Chair will appoint other members in good standing as deemed appropriate.
        3. Legislation and Public Policy – The primary purpose of this committee is to work with state legislators and agency staff on issues regarding the practice of behavior analysis. The Chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Chair will appoint other members in good standing as needed to represent the diverse public policy and legislative needs of the organization.
        4. Elections – The elections committee will work to insure fair and consistent implementation of the FABA Elections Protocol. The committee shall consist of the Past President who will serve as chair, the President and the President Elect.
        5. Public Relations – The mission of the Public Relations committee is to develop and implement plans to promote visibility of behavior analysis in the State of Florida. The committee will consist of the President, Past President, President Elect, Executive Director and one Member-at-Large. The Chairperson of the committee is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Chair will appoint other members in good standing as deemed appropriate.
        6. Local Chapters – The purpose of this committee is to promote the development of local FABA chapters and provide support to existing chapters. The Chairperson of this committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be one of the five elected Members-at-Large.
        7. Continuing Education – The purpose of this committee is to coordinate with continuing education granting agencies so that continuing education credits are offered at the annual conference and appropriate Local Chapter meetings. The Chairperson of this committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be one of the five elected Members-at-Large.
        8. Awards – The purpose of the awards committee is to recognize individuals who have contributed to the field of behavior analysis application, implementation and research in the state of Florida. The Chairperson of this committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be one of the five elected Members-at-Large.
        9. ABAI and APBA Liaisons – The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and Association of Professional behavior Analysts (APBA) Liaison will serve as FABA’s main point of contact with ABAI and APBA. The Chairperson of this committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee and will be one of the five elected Members-at-Large.

Article IX—Dues

Dues for the various categories of membership shall be established by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.


Dues shall be payable at or prior to the start of the annual business meeting, in the manner prescribed by the Executive Committee.

Article X—Amendments

This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended only by two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Association. Amendments may originate either by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee or by introduction from the floor at the Annual Meeting. In the latter event, the proposed amendment shall have first been endorsed by a petition bearing the signatures of at least one-third of the Professional and Full members. In the event of such petition reaching the floor, the Presiding Officer shall declare the meeting in recess for the purpose of validating the signatures. The Presiding Office shall then reconvene the meeting, announce the rest of the validation process, and dispose of the issue immediately. The meeting will then resume in accordance with the result of the Amendment vote.

Enabling Action
This Constitution and By-Laws were submitted for adoption by the Membership of the Association at the October 2009 Annual Business Meeting. To be adopted, it shall have received the unanimous endorsement of the Executive Committee then sitting and shall be adopted by two-thirds vote of the Members present and voting.


The 38-year old Florida Association for Behavior Analysts is the largest statewide organization in the country committed to the promotion and support of Behavior Analysis.


The Florida Association for Behavior Analysis was founded in 1980 to promote the ethical, humane, and effective application of behavior principles in all segments of society, including education, business, rehabilitation facilities and government.

Continuing Education

Behavior analysis is a rapidly changing field so it is imperative that we keep up with this exciting and rewarding profession. FABA meets this objective through its well respected, Annual Three-day Conference and Workshop (held in September) and special topic Winter Meetings. FABA is recognized as a leader in bringing state-of-the-art speakers to our annual meeting to share their latest research and discuss their treatment strategies. Our workshops, seminars, symposia, paper sessions and invited addresses bring our members face-to-face with experts in behavior analysis, in an informal environment conducive to idea exchange. Past invited speakers have included B.F. Skinner, Fred Keller, Sid Bijou, Julie Vargas, Jack Michael, Aubrey Daniels, Gordon Paul, Brian Iwata, Judy Favell, Ivar Lovaas, Richard Foxx, Scott Geller, Nate Azrin, Don Baer, Glenn Latham and many other prominent behavior analysts.

Promoting the Profession

A second major purpose of FABA is to promote the profession of Behavior Analysis. Members can become Board Certified Behavior Analysts through the ( Board Certified FABA members conduct BCBA prep and training programs and newly certified BCBAs are especially invited to join FABA to continue their education. FABA has retained a respected law firm in Tallahassee to represent the interests of behavior analysts in the legislature. We continue to monitor the legislative process to protect the rights of behavior analysts to practice their profession. We also sell a complete line of “Behavior Counts” products to give the profession visibility in the community. Please visit the FABA Store at our annual conference to see our new stock of unique logo behavior analysis products.

This website is specifically for the public to provide them an easy to read digest of information on Applied Behavior Analysis. Here you can find downloadable brochures on autism and education and press releases on the upcoming conferences.


Click here to view photos from FABA 2018


FABA 2019 - Save the Date

September 19-21, 2019

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Information & Registration

Wednesday 9:00am  - Pre-conference Workshops
Wednesday 1:00pm  - Pre-conference Workshops
Thursday 8:00am - Conference Sessions Begins
Thursday 11:00am - Keynote Presentation
Thursday 5:30pm - Poster Session
Friday 8:00am - Conference Sessions Continue
Friday 11:00 - Awards Ceremony
Friday 11:30 - Presidential Address
Saturday 8:00am - Conference Sessions Continue
Saturday 11:30am - Closing Keynote

Room Rate $159 - Cut off date to make a reservation in the block is August 20, 2019



Friday, March 29, 2019

UCF Fairwinds Alumni Center
12676 Gemini Blvd N, Orlando, FL 32816


Thursday 7:30pm - Hospitality Social
            Location: Doubletree Orlando East
Friday 8:00am - Check-in & Continental Breakfast
Friday 8:30am  - Presentations Begin
Friday 11:30am - 12:15pm - lunch provided
Friday 12:30pm - Presentations Resume
Friday 3:30pm - Social Networking Event
            Location: Burger U


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