RBTs in Schools

RBT HB 795 PASSED! Effective July 1, 2023, schools are now open to more RBTs providing services as Private Instructional Personnel (by removing the requirement of employment by a Medicaid Provider.) This was made possible due to the support of Rep. Tant and Sen. Hooper; and the advocacy efforts of parents and providers who contacted state leaders and the Governor via our VoterVoice online campaign. Thanks to all who helped this law become effective! FABA plans more work with the Dept of Education to improve RBT access.

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Grissel Alfonso - Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I would like to gain more information about the specifics, I am in a similar situation in Lee County, Florida. After going through the clearance process with the district, teachers and principals are limiting days and times to render services. Some cases teachers are only allowing us to enter the classroom for one day. ABA is a consistency based therapy, these types of limitation only hinder our services.

Beycha Decos - Saturday, June 11, 2022

Is there a more depth explanation of this Rule? I’m hearing some schools say that the RBT can come only for certain periods others are saying that they still can’t come in unless they are approved by the county first as independent vendors and even then they’re going to be restricted on which classes that can join.

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