Senate Bill 538

Even more good news!! The Senate Rules Committee just put Senator Hooper’s SB 538 - RBT legislation on the agenda for next Tuesday, March 1st. This is the final Senate Committee for the Senate bill. 

On Wednesday, Feb 23rd, Representative Plasencia passed the companion House bill, HB 255 out of its final House Committee and the bill is now scheduled to be taken up by the full House next Tuesday, March 1.

Thank you FABA members for your continuing advocacy on these two bills. With just two more weeks of Session there still is much work to be done to get this legislation to the Governor’s desk. Stay tuned for our next Call to Action.

HB 255-Update

The House Heath & Human Services Committee passed HB 255 - RBT legislation! The bill now heads to its last committee in the House, the Education and Employment Committee that will meet next Wednesday, February 23rd.    Thanks to everyone who sent a letter via the voter's voice campaign to help make this happen!

HB 255 - Protect the right of RBTs to be in Public Schools

We need  your help getting House Bill 255 on the calendar for Monday.   Please take a moment to email your congressman to let them know how important it is to clarify that BCBAs *and* RBTs should be allowed in Florida public schools.   Right now, the law only specifies that BCBA can enter public schools.  

Please take a moment to click the link below to send a letter to your congressman.

House Bill 255 would clarify state law to allow private RBTs, to work with clients in public schools

2022 AHCA Update: Behavior Analysis Fee Schedule

AHCA Update: Behavior Analysis Fee Schedule
There appear to be no rate changes for 2022.  Please read the entire Alert that follows from AHCA.  Follow the link to review current and proposed rates.  If you wish you may respond to their linked Survey Monkey.

EVV Billing Update!

EVV Billing Update!
This AHCA Alert clarifies that providers have the option of direct data entry, sending in an 837P claims transaction, or using a Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.