Need EVV Survey Responses

In our last update we alerted you to the anticipated statewide roll out of the Electronic Visit Verification or EVV program on May 1st, 2021.  Obviously, that date has come and gone, however we expect a decision in the next 10 days of when statewide deployment will begin.  The decision to launch will be dependent on key elements of the systems being fully operational and glitch free.

In an effort to fully inform AHCA of continued system problems and to aid in the decision making process we will need your input.  Early next week we will send out a link to another EVV survey to capture your experiences with Tellus as well as concerns and challenges with system problems that persist so we can share that data with AHCA.  The rapid submission of your survey by the end of next week will be critical to allow time to compile and summarize results for our presentation to AHCA the following Wednesday.

Your participation in this upcoming survey is critical to the decision for deployment, so we hope you will take the time to complete the survey.  Also, please encourage your colleagues providing behavioral services in South Florida to participate.  We would like to see a healthy response to get broad representation of all the remaining issues from those who deal with the EVV system everyday.  Your FABA representatives have been communicating your concerns to AHCA for over a year, and would like to be able to counter Tellus reporting that all system problems have been resolved. 

If there is any thing else in the meantime, you can reach out to your FABA representatives ([email protected]) at any time or check out our website and Facebook page for any comments, experiences, or questions you may have.

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