FABA EVV Action Committee Update

FABA EVV Action Committee Update - December 7, 2020

Here’s where we are today – on Friday (12/4/20) AHCA was initially reporting that they had determined that there were 144 out of 470 providers unregistered in the Tellus EVV System.  Later, they determined 12 of the 144 were still billing directly to FMMIS, although they were unregistered with Tellus.   It was also speculated that at least some of the 144 unregistered providers may not have been providing services and subsequently never registered.  Over the weekend, apparently, 3 more providers have registered, leaving 9 providers having a restriction on their file.  The good news is that most providers have registered.


The next hurdle for providers is to attempt to submit at least some claims to show a good faith effort to use Tellus for billing.  If there is no billing through Tellus, all claims submitted directly to FMMIS will suspend until AHCA can document the provider has begun using the Tellus EVV System to submit claims. Once confirmed, the claims in FMMIS will be released for payment without any further action by the provider.  Providers will not need to resubmit the claims.


So, please Attempt to Bill through Tellus


If you encounter problems billing through Tellus, please contact Damon Rich at AHCA.  Please use the Subject line, “FABA Referral” and avoid bombarding a variety of AHCA staff, so that your concerns are directly seen by Damon Rich.  His email is [email protected].


Thank you for staying engaged with us as we work with AHCA to continue attempting to get EVV problems resolved.  Your continuing response to surveys and sharing your EVV challenges with us and AHCA have been most helpful and are resulting in improvements to the system!


Regards, Steve Coleman, BCBA-D

FABA’s Public Policy Director

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