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Ethical Issues Surrounding the Role of Independent Contractors in ABA

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors may deny workers minimum wage, overtime pay, and other protections. The US Department of Labor (DOL) published a final rule on January 10, 2024, related to the classification of employee versus independent contractor. The rule takes effect on March 11, 2024. Join us for a FABA member-only event to discuss the new changes including the analysis for determining employee and independent contractor status, what it means for BCBAs and RBTs who are currently acting as independent contractors, and what it means for ABA Providers who are employers of BCBAs and RBTs.

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Home & School Collaboration: A Discussion on Processes, Problems and Possible Solutions for Successful Integration of Behavior Services

Join us on September 22, 2023 at 9:30 AM EST for a presentation by the FABA Education Workgroup of the Public Policy Committee.

Participants will gain an orientation to and receive an overview of House Bill 255 with the allowance of PIPs (private instructional personnel) in the school setting.  We will discuss how to effectively collaborate with outside organizations including clarification of medical necessity.  In addition, we will hear from participants on current barriers and hear from others on successful practices to access the school environment.  We will provide some tips and tricks for effective entry and communication.  We will also share helpful resources.

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Update on AHCA's Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for Managed Care

Thank you to everyone who has reached out regarding AHCA's Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for Managed Care. You may find the entire document on the My Florida Marketplace Website ( The ITN is long (956 pages) plus 4 addendums. On pages 757, 758, and 788 the ITN references Behavior Analysis Services and specifically that the Managed Care Plan's transition of care includes coordination and transition of behavior analysis services from fee-for-service to managed care delivery.

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FABA Announces End to Litigation with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)

FABA announces an end to its litigation with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) regarding the proposed revisions to the Medicaid Behavior Analysis Services Coverage Policy. 

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RBTs in Schools

RBT HB 795 PASSED! Effective July 1, 2023, schools are now open to more RBTs providing services as Private Instructional Personnel (by removing the requirement of employment by a Medicaid Provider.) This was made possible due to the support of Rep. Tant and Sen. Hooper; and the advocacy efforts of parents and providers who contacted state leaders and the Governor via our VoterVoice online campaign. Thanks to all who helped this law become effective! FABA plans more work with the Dept of Education to improve RBT access.


Got Concerns About AHCA?

... and their Behavior Analysis Services Policy, Provider Reimbursement Fee Schedules, or Billing Codes? First, be sure to report your concerns directly to AHCA click here. Your report becomes an important public record. The FABA Public Policy Committee (PPC) is also very concerned and has long been advocating for change. FABA filed a legal petition and is awaiting the legal hearing. The PPC has also been active in AHCA workshops, hearings, and virtual meetings. Click here for more information. Click here to send an email to FABA's PPC about persistent and problematic concerns with AHCA.