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RBTs in Public Schools

RBTs in Public Schools

Beginning July 1, 2022, Registered Behavior Technicians should be allowed to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services for students in Florida’s Public Schools. The new law HB 255 added RBTs in the definition of “Private Instructional Personnel”. But, there have been problems with the implementation of this law. FABA will work with legislators to seek revisions to language in the bill that restricts RBTs who are not employed by Medicaid Providers. FABA will also work with the Department of Education to address other problems with RBT access.



ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE by expressing your concerns to AHCA about their Provider Reimbursement Fee Schedules and Billing Codes, plus their Behavior Analysis Services Policy. Click here to email AHCA directly. Also, attend the FABA conference panel session #38 on Thursday September at 130pm where an AHCA representative will be present.  And, stay alert for related updates on FABA Facebook.