FABA REMAINS CONCERNED - AHCA Fee Schedule and Billing Codes

FABA REMAINS CONCERNED about AHCA's Planned Implementation of Rule 59G-4.002, Provider Reimbursement Schedules and Billing Codes. After strong representation by FABA at the AHCA June 9 hearing in Tallahassee, the following letter was sent. FABA continues to monitor the situation and plan the next steps.

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AHCA PROVIDER ALERT - Fee Schedule and CPT Codes

AHCA PROVIDER ALERT for August 1 start of Fee Schedule and Billing Codes:

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HCPCS-to-CPT Code Conversion Guide - eQHealth (Kepro) posted this:

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AHCA Draft Behavior Analysis Services Rule

AHCA Draft Behavior Analysis Services Rule

After receiving input from the public workshop, the rule remains under review by AHCA. Release of the revised draft is expected soon. Another public workshop may be planned. FABA is closely monitoring the development of this rule. When the next workshop or hearing is announced, your attendance can be a powerful means for advocating for change. Check FABA Facebook for more details.

Review the February 2022 version of the rule:

AHCA EVV Procedures

AHCA EVV Procedures

AHCA has clarified that providers have the option of direct data entry, sending in an 837P claims transaction, or using a Billing Agent/Clearinghouse.

RBTs in Public Schools

RBTs in Public Schools

Beginning July 1, 2022, Registered Behavior Technicians will be allowed to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services for students in Florida’s Public Schools due to the addition of RBTs in the definition of “Private Instructional Personnel”.

FABA will meet soon with Department of Education representatives in an effort to coordinate smooth implementation by school personnel and behavior analysts.