Annual FABA Research Awards Criteria

(Sustainable World Research and Skinner Foundation Research Awards)


The B. F. Skinner Foundation Florida Graduate Student Research Award

In order to be accepted, the packet must contain:

  1. A cover letter with the student’s contact information, where they are attending

    school, their program of study, and what they intend to do with the scholarship. The scholarship can be used for almost anything, but preference will be given to direct research-related use, such as equipment, software, paying data collectors, purchasing reinforcers for participants, etc. For equipment or software, explain how it will be used in the research project. (one page)

  2. A letter of support from a supervising faculty. The letter should attest to the fact that the research is replicating/expanding knowledge in the field of behavior analysis.

  3. An Abstract (500 words or fewer), outlining their research project.

  4. An Introduction indicating why this research is important, how it relates to Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968, 1987) or Sidman (1960), some supporting literature, and

    the research question. (No more than 3 pages, plus a reference page)

  5. A Methods section indicating the design (ABAB, multiple baseline, etc), the

    number of proposed participants, from where the participants will be recruited, the general timeline of the research, and an overview of the procedures that will be used. Exacting details are not needed, but the reviewer should be able to determine the feasibility of the study from the information provided. (No more than 3 pages)

A. Applicants must be attending a graduate-level program in Florida.
B. Applicants must be members of FABA.
C. The proposal must be for a
student-driven research project, thesis or dissertation approved by their department of study.
D. Applicants do not have to be in a behavior analysis graduate program, but the research must be behavior analytic in nature. Consideration will be given to proposals that describe research with a focus on observable and measurable behavior (or the products thereof) as the dependent variable and the manipulation of well-defined environmental events as independent variables. Both applied and basic research proposals are encouraged. Applied research proposals should correspond to the guidelines suggested by Baer, Wolf, & Risley (1968, 1987). Basic research proposals should correspond to the criteria set forth in Sidman (1960). Those submitting proposals are encouraged to look to the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis or the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior for examples of behavior analytic research.

Submission Procedures:

  1. The materials including the cover letter, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, and References sections must be uploaded in the online Award Nomination Form as one Word document.

  2. The entire Word document should not exceed 9 pages, including the reference page.

  3. The Abstract, Introduction and Methods sections will be double spaced, in a

    manuscript 12-point font (such as Times New Roman) with margins set at 1 inch.

  4. The faculty letter of support should be emailed from the supporting professor’s

    email address wihtin 48 hours of completing the nomination submission form to [email protected]


Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Research Award

Behavior Change For A Sustainable World: the Ultimate Challenge and Opportunity For Behavior Analysts - Behavior analysis has made valuable contributions to many areas such as improving education, helping people adopt healthier life styles, teaching children with autism, making highways and factories safer, caring for people exhibiting challenging and life-threatening disorders.  However, those who advance and practice the science have paid too little attention to the impact of human behavior on the only home we have. This is changing. Behavior analysts are uniquely poised to contribute to a broad range of interventions to promote the husbandry of our planet's resources, restore damaged ecosystems, and help society prepare for and cope with the inevitable challenges to come. This award seeks to fund a deserving project with this targeted goal

Purpose: To support research using behavior analysis concepts and principles to promote sustainable practices/environmentally friendly behavior change. Any applied, basic, or translational study with a primary goal of increasing understanding of human behavior and environmental preservation/enhancement is eligible for consideration.

Amount:  $500 for 1-year max study/project 

Eligibility: Principle investigator must be a current FABA member prior to applying.

Application: Please submit a three-page maximum write up that includes the background for study; purpose/importance; research question to be addressed; outline of method; commitment to present results at a future FABA conference and (should results warrant) submit an article for publication based on the study. Submissions can be emailed to [email protected].

Below are examples of other associations that support this award:

Maine ABA -


Bx Analysis Leadership Council -

Selection of awardee: Committee appointed by FABA will review applications and select recipient.

Below are suggested readings and resources: 



Thank you for reviewing the two research award criteria.

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