EVV Action Committee Update - December 14, 2020

FABA EVV Action Committee Update - December 14, 2020

Based on our most recent contact with AHCA – as of Thursday (12/11/20) AHCA was reporting that of the 464 providers registered in Tellus, there were 23 who had not had visits or claims in the Tellus system.  Similarly, of registered providers, 78 have at least 1 visit in the Tellus system, also with no claims.  All 101 providers had at least one recipient with an active PA.  

The good news here, in addition to having registered, approximately 80% of providers have successfully attempted billing through Tellus.  Unfortunately, the window for billing through FMMIS is closing, effective December 21, 2020.  Claims made through FMMIS after that time will be denied.

So, please Communicate Your Tellus Challenges

If you encounter problems with PAs, scheduling events, missing or changed scheduled events, errors in visit location, lack of Tellus response or billing issues, please contact Damon Rich at AHCA.  Please use the Subject line, “FABA Referral” and avoid bombarding a variety of AHCA staff, so that your concerns are directly seen by Damon Rich.  Damon’s email is [email protected].

Please remember, if there is no PHI involved in your message, also copy the FABA PAC, [email protected], so we can assist you and work with AHCA

Thanks again for staying engaged with us as we work with AHCA to continue attempting to get EVV problems resolved.  Your continued sharing of your EVV challenges helps us put a face on continued EVV problems when meeting with AHCA.  Each day there are incremental improvements resulting from your input!

Regards, Steve Coleman, BCBA-D

FABA’s Public Policy Director

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