2018 Workshops

Wednesday Morning, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Workshop #W01 Teaching Intraverbal Behavior - VINCENT CARBONE

Workshop #W02 Understanding and Managing Feeding Problems in Children with Autism and Related Disorders - VIVIAN IBAÑEZ, KERRI PETERS, FARIS KRONFLI & TIMOTHY VOLLMER

Workshop #W03 Innovative Ethical Approaches to the Assessment of Complex & Severe Problem Behavior - ANDREW HOUVOURAS

Workshop #W04 Dealing with Difficult Situations as a BCBA Supervisor: Tools for Tackling Common Workplace Problems Ethically

Workshop #W05 Life After High School: Bridging the Gap - KIM LUCKER-GREENE & SARAH FERNANDEZ 

Workshop #W06 Practicing Behavioral Pediatrics: Solving the Most Common Childhood Problem Behaviors - CHRIS MCGINNIS 

Workshop #W07 A Case Study: Utilizing the "Parenting Tools for Positive Behavior Change" in Adults with ASD - COLLEEN DEMELLO, DOREEN REIS  & CYNDI GIORDANO-DONATO


Wednesday Afternoon 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Workshop #W08 Train the Trainer: Skills for Staff Working with Caregivers - JAN MONTGOMERY, CHRISTI REED & EVETTE BERARDI-COX

Workshop #W09 Writing and Reviewing an Ethical Behavior Program - KAREN WAGNER & BETHANY DOWDING KELLER

Workshop #W10 It’s a Two-Way Street: Behavior Analysts Promoting Activity & Assisting Activity Promoters in Applying ABA- JEANNIE GOLDEN & KELLI MINTON

Workshop #W11 Leading ABA Technicians – A Training for Supervisors (Part 2) - VINCENT LAMARCA & TIM COURTNEY 

Workshop #W12 Special Ethical Issues Faced by BCBAs when Providing Services to Persons with ASD - ELISA CRUZ-TORRES, JACK SCOTT & NOELLE BALSAMO

Workshop #W13 Special Education Law and Ethical Issues for Behavior Analysts  - MELISSA OLIVE

Workshop #W14 Once Upon a Time… Harnessing the Power of Story Telling to Ethically Market Your ABA Business  - SARAH TRAUTMAN-ESLINGER & TIM COURTNEY

Workshop #W15 Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: A Behavioral Approach to Navigating Sexuality on the Spectrum - KIM LUCKER-GREENE, JULIA HARVEY & JESSICA O'LEARY


Saturday Morning 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Workshop #W17 Azrin and Foxx's Rapid Toilet Training Protocol  - AMANDA KEATING

Workshop #W18 A Practical Application of Evidence-based Training Strategies - YENDRI DIAZ, ALYSSA KAVNER, KIM ENLOE

Workshop #W19 Ignite Your Audience: How to Really Present Presentations Like a Real Presenter. (Really!) - COREY ROBERTSON